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Wizard of Paws Dog Rescue is currently being assembled from the ground up. An amazing location of 2.5 acres in Lancaster has been purchased and our non-profit status is almost complete! I am asking for donations of any amount to jump-start WOP. The newly purchased land does not have electricity, sewage, or water but it has so much potential to save hundreds of dogs. The donations will go directly to cover the costs of installing a gate around the whole property so the dogs can have a safe space, clearing and leveling the land, purchasing a portable office trailer, and general dog items (dog food, kennels, medical supplies).

We believe that every dog deserves to have a safe place that they can call home. We feel like this is especially important since they cannot speak for themselves and are limited to the type of protection they can provide for themselves.


Any amount is greatly appreciated and 100% of the proceeds will go towards establishing our rescue


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